Friday, September 28, 2012

One Long Run Down (one to go)

First long run of my first back to back weekend! With my half marathon falling on Saturday this weekend, I needed to get my shorter long run in on Friday. 6.5k at lunch on a really, really warm day!

But poor toe.  Ignore the desperate need of new polish and focus on the inner side of my pinky toe for a moment. Yes - that dark purple's not dirt.  This is what happens when you slam your foot into your daughters dresser the previous day.   Ya.  Fun.

I don't think it's broken but it hurt like a mother-father when it happened and all evening last night.  (You TOTALLY thought I was going to write something else there, admit it!) I iced the heck out of it and today, I woke up with the bruising but it also didn't hurt as bad as it did yesterday.  I figured I would use today's run to see if  I am able to run pain-free or if it is going to warrant my skipping the half tomorrow :(

It was 11am before I realized that I have never needed a 6.5k route around the office...thank you MapMyRun for your support in this matter.  Two minutes later, I had my route - a combination of my two usual routes with a little bit cut off to save distance.

I started out along Macleod, with all of it's exhaust and congestion, figuring that I would be able to expel it all from my lungs on the remaining residential on the route.

Down Heritage and up the hill to Elbow then down the lovely tree-lined drive where I enjoyed every second of the shade form the golden boughs.

I figured 45 mins for 6.5k was good and, in the end, I came in right at that.  Long run one done!  Only one more to go this weekend!

And, in the end - no toe pain at all. So, unless that changes as the day wears on - I think I'm good to go tomorrow.

Once I was back in my cube - I stretched the heck out of any muscle that might possible tighten up today.  Hopefully that is enough for tomorrow...

With this being my first back-to-back weekend, my nutrition guru has been guiding me on proper fueling to make sure I thrive through this training cycle.   She sent me a wonderful email outlining exactly how I should eat and gave me great examples.   So, for my post-run lunch, I had some of my marvelous meatless chili (topped with a sprinkling of cheese - sorry, H - I had it pre-packaged and didn't realize I'd grabbed one with cheese), Some multigrain crispbreads in lieu of a wholegrain bun, a handful of almonds and some dates.  Yummy!

I am so not a food blogger...pardon my crappy lunch photo.


  1. I love it!! Great lunch!!

  2. Reading your posts kinda make me wanna run again. I seem to be on a very long sabbatical from running. Maybe next week...

    1. It's never too late to come back ;)

    2. But if you don't hurry, you're gonna miss all of the fall colours ;) #justsayin


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