Monday, September 3, 2012

MOMday: Brave (Movie Review)

I don't do many movie reviews...actually, this may be my first on here, but after sitting through it last night, I felt I should write about it.

Hubby and I went out to see Brave last night.   Pixar's latest offering has so many elements that I think would make it a good movie for my girls:
  • strong female lead breaking the mold
  • a princess who doesn't brush her hair (let me say - the younger version of her is my Buggie, through and through) - they would relate
  • magic
  • a lesson worth learning about the decisions your parents make for you
  • Proving that sometimes challenging your parents is the right decision
  • A Disney princess that isn't all about scoring prince charming (in fact - the princes are anything BUT charming)

But it is definitely NOT a movie for little kids.  It is darker than most Pixar offerings.  I didn't find the 3D to be terribly noticeable so it's not as though an arrow will come whizzing right at the audience.  And there is a really scary bear in it.  Hubby can attest that I left nail marks on his arm.

We went in forewarned.  My coworker took her niece to it a few weeks ago and I grilled her pretty heavily afterwards.  It was the reason why hubby and I went without the girls.  We wanted to preview it before we took them because we want their first theatre movie experience to be a good one.  This movie is not the one they will see int he theatre.  I doubt they will even see it at home on DVD for a few more years.

I would say that it probably isn't the movie to take a child under the age of 6.   Someone up near the front brought a two year old and my heart broke when I heard him crying in terror.   The little girl in front of us (around the same age as our twins) did really well, but I did catch a few whimpers throughout.

So - yes.  See it.  Maybe wait for the cheap theatres.  It's pretty good, though definitely not my favourite Pixar movie.   It's still worth seeing.

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