Friday, September 21, 2012

Miscalculating a Sprint

Headed out on my lunch break today to get in my run.  Wow, this Indian Summer thing is starting to wear me down, though I suppose it is still much cooler feeling than the same temperature in July!  Suffice it to say, it was warm out there.

My intention was to aim for about 5k overall (a bit ambitious for a lunch break, but not too bad) and the closing number on the show was going to be a 3 min sprint, as per the MojoJar Monday this week.

So I did a nice little loop of Haysboro and then measured off a half kilometre so I would be able to do my sprint along a nice flat piece of asphalt path. 

That was all well and fine, considering I can do an easy kilometre in 6 mins.   Half in 3 = enough space to do 3 mins spprinting.

Told ya math wasn't my strong suit.  Turns out that flat section of path let me reach around a 4min/k pace. 

Sprint = Fail

I can all-out sprint at that for around a minute before collapsing, breathless.  Then I walked for 5 seconds and tried again.   And that borough tme to the stairs I needed to climb to the parking lot of my building.

A valiant effort and a mojo-revver for sure...but not exactly what the jar called for.  I am still going to call it done, though.  I don't think I'll have much left in me at the end of 16k tomorrow to sprint like that.

I don't think the Garmin is entirely accurate on the run time for this...I ended up waiting for a light at the 4k mark and don't recall it pausing.  

While my splits aren't much to write home about...

I loved this little note to show the sprint...

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