Saturday, September 1, 2012

JS in the Country

Because my schedule is a bit nutty today, I asked JS to come out to Langdon for our run. It had been too long since we hit the road together...and we've NEVER hit the country roads together.

So she met me at my house (and I only just realized that was her first time out to my house ever)

I gave her the option of a spin around town or hitting the country roads and she was indifferent so I took her to the gravel.

Probably one of my all-time fave running pics of the two of us!

We ran a great 8k, looping around the country.  And then, at the 8k mark, we walked it in.  And then stopped for the reason of the run...a fresh sticky bun from the amazing bakery out here...and a super awesome latte (the coffeehouse out here makes a decent latte)

Total distance for the day...almost exactly 10k.   Felt really good.

Garmin geekery:

It was a great run..and I was pretty much pain free throughout.  My quest to stretch seems to be helping.

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