Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goals: Stepping it up in September

August was better than some months - I got in around 70kms and by the end of the month, I was getting more regular with my workouts.

As for my August Goals:
  •     Potty train Doodle - not quite there yet...but close.  Unfortunately, she has stated that she doesn't want to be like Buggie and that she likes diapers and being a little baby.  Eeep.  So - we have told her that when she runs out of diapers, she isn't getting more.  I may have told her that they don't make her size anymore.  I will be doing the 3 day method this weekend.
  •     Take the Family Camping at least once - didn't happen.   We had the tent poles int eh car to take them in to be repaired and never managed to drop them off.  Our bad.
  •     Bring my fundraising to over $2500 by the end of the month - Not this month. I am currently sitting at around $1750. But likely next month since we just announced a lot of group fundraisers.
  •     Get knee issue under control - replaced shoes.  'nuff said. Seems to have helped with the ankle issue as well
  •     Stick to training plan as best as I can - I did so-so on this.  By the end of the month I was getting much better.  With my new plan for September, I think I will be fully on track by the end of THIS month.
  •     Try to keep my eating in check- started tracking my food on My Fitness Pal again.   Not liking that I need to count calories, but it is working for me right now so I will stick with it.
  •     Run Edmonton 5k and, if my knee allows it, get my sub 30min PB - Done...but dehydration kept me from my PB.  I need a morning 5k to get me there I think - though I do have 1 more 5k in September I can try...
  •     Run MEC Summer Classic 10k - Done!
  •     Sell my house - not yet :(  Still trying.  One month down, two to go.

Now onwards and upwards to September....

  • Potty train Doodle.  It's happening.  She's not gonna like it one bit, until she realizes how much better it is...
  • Drastically reduce liquid calories...this means you, Coffee. I did so well on my coffee wean last month...only to ruin it with a few tired days in August.  For September - I will drink tea instead.
  • Shake things up with challenges.  Both Nikki at Slow is the New Fast and I have been suffering from a severe case of low-mojo-itis. Since we are also both training for Goofy, this just won't do.  I issued her a little weekly challenge in that we will draw running (and cross-training) challenges from our Mojo Jar each week and see if having to be accountable to someone else will help us out a bit.  best of all - we'll be posting them so you guys can play along too!!!
  • Keep running clothes at work and run on my lunch breaks 2 days a week.  I work right near some good hills for repeats and could be putting a couple of my lunch breaks to better use.  Plus it will keep me from having to run at 9pm in the dark.  Worth a try anyway.
  • Keep tracking my calories and eat cleaner.  I have decided that I don't want the same thing that happened in marathon training to happen to me in goofy training.  I gained 15lbs training for my first marathon because of my "marathon entitlement".  While I recognize that my calorie needs are going to be higher for this training - I can be smart about it.
  • Stretch after every workout.  I think many of my aches and pains could be eliminated by getting smarter about stretching.  To test this theory, I am going to stretch thoroughly after every workout and see if I don't feel better for it.  I will also incorporate one full body yoga workout each week and try to add in a stretching video a couple of days a week as well (I have several 10-15 min stretching dvds)
  • Come up with at least 3 new solo fundraiser ideas and implement them. I can totally do that.  You guys can also help me out by sponsoring me in my quest!
  • Buy a couple extra pairs of running shoes to have on hand...

I have A LOT of races this month...most will be run as training runs, but it should be fun to have the excitement of race day pumping me up! And it will add 3 medals to my collection!
  • Run for Water 10k
  • Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k
  • Run at the Ranch 5K
  • Harvest Half Marathon

So there we have September promises to be a busy one. 

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