Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall - Long Run

Today, I was on my own for my long run.  There was 16k on the schedule and anytime I have that planned - I head to Glenmore Reservoir!  It is especially beautiful there in the fall.  When I first came up the hill, I was awestruck.  It looked like one for Neil Zeller's beautiful HDR shots!

A squinty me at the start of the run...and who is that on my shoulder, you ask?  Why, I do believe it is my missing mojo - along for the ride!

My left ankle was a little stiff as I started out, but quickly loosened as I started to warm up.   The first 3k flew by...and then, as I headed toward the hill into the Weaselhead, I encountered this sign.

Hubby and I had joked as I headed out that I'd better be ready to outsmart a bear since this time of year it is possible that they might wander into the area. Seeing the sign made me a bit nervous, but I carried on.  After all, the pathways were quite busy with runners and cyclists enjoying the Indian summer this first day of fall!

Perhaps the thing I love best about this route is the tree-lined pathways.  So pretty.  Even in winter when they are nothing more than stark branches.  But in the Autumn, they really shine...all golden and beautiful!

Down in the flats of the weaselhead, I just moseyed along, saying hi to everyone I encountered.  There were a lot of grumps out there, but just as many others who were happy to return the sentiment!

And, before I knew it, I was up on the other side.  No bears encountered at all...just sparkling waters and pristine reflections!

The SS Moyie from Heritage Park was making the rounds on the water.   I was in need of water here, around 8k in and, of course, the water fountain was out of order so I had to carry on to the canoe club, where I filled up and carried on.

Around 11k, I ended up dawdling a bit and walked about half a kilometre.  

I was also struck by how skinny my shadow looked today. 

As I was coming up behind Rockyview Hospital, the Moyie was back for another spin with new passengers.  I really need to take the family there - I think the girlies would love the boat ride.

Soon, I was in the residential area.  For as pricey a neighbourhood as Eagle Ridge is, I can never get over how it has no sidewalks at all...and it is a MAJOR thoroughfare for runners and walkers year round!  Craziness.   I can also never get over how few people walk against traffic.  The motorists certainly don't slow down for us and there are alot of people who could be startled with their earbuds in!

 Passing Heritage Park on the east, I stopped for a quick pic with the big H


And then I picked up the pace a bit for the last kilometre.  I reached my car at 15.39k.  A run well done and feeling great.

But as I was stretching, I glanced down at my shoes and - lo and behold - the right shoe had blood seeping through the upper!  I didn't feel any pain so I was quite startled to see it. 


I grabbed my purse and headed to Good Earth for lunch and popped into the washroom to check out the damage.  A sock soaked in blood, but the only damage beneath was a middle toe that had been stabbed by a sharp toenail edge.   Funny thing - I always check my toenails before I go to make sure they are trimmed to avoid this exact thing...I guess I wasn't as conscientious as I cut them this morning and left a sharp harm done...just makes me look like I was stabbed in the foot...


In an effort to have a decent meal after my runs,  I ordered a delicious lunch of an Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (so yum...multiple cheese types plus horseradish on wholegrain), a slice of carrot cake and an almond milk/almond flavour latte.  

So yummy.  and so earned.

I love it when I have an amazing run!

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  1. Which garmin is this? love your shoes

  2. The Garmin is a 405CX - costco special :) And I am so in love with those shoes. I never thought I'd love a minimalist shoe.

  3. I had toenail troubles this weekend too. And wow the reservoir looks so pretty to run around!

  4. Glenmore Reservoir is my favorite place to run!


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