Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eating Hills for Lunch

Decided to take my lunch run on a serious turn...hill training.  After being beaten by a hill on the weekend - I am ready to start killing them all!

I started out by running an easy kilometre. and then I crossed the street and decided to tackle the first alley I saw.  I need to practice on gravel a bit if I am ever going to beat the switchback hell!

On the way back down the next alley - I suddenly had myself a pace bunny.  This little guy - let's call him Mortimer - led me down the hill and then up the next one.  I'm not sure his form was great, though...and he totally zigzagged all over the place!

Up and down the next street and then I encountered a paved alley so tackled that.  So steep.  I FLEW down this puppy!

On the 4th hill - I was rue-ing the fact that I hadn't brought water...but then these nice people had their sprinkler on.  So, not only did I look nuts to be running up and down every street in the neighbourhood - I added to that by drinking from their sprinkler!  But it did the trick and I was soon ready to go again!

I soon picked up a pace squirrel.  He was DEFINITELY not as good as the bunny.  Didn't lead me at all...just shoved food in his face and made nasty noises when I tried to take a picture of him.

Up and down the next alley...again...long and steep.

and one last street before I called it a day at six hills! 

I tried to sprint the last 3 minutes to the finish, as per the Mojo Jar this week, but I was closer than I anticipated and it ended up only working out to something like 2 mins.  I'm not sure the pace could count as sprinting, either.  I had just finished running 6 hills.  Guess I'll need to try again on Friday!

I forgot my Garmin so Nike+ stood in today.

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