Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back and forth...and back and forth...

Yep - you guessed it.  Mojo-booster day.  Or, the day Cori looked like a dork in Southwood.  Oh wait - that's pretty much any day!

But today is the day I looked like a dork with a purpose! Speedwork!

I started out the front doors of my building so I could warm up for a kilometre and look somewhat normal for 10 mins before I became a blur in black and grey.

So, I circled around the block until I hit the flat, straight stretch of path from my sprint last week.

I paused a moment to collect myself and then took off running like Phoebe

when I hit 400m (approx), I slowed to a walk, turned around and walked back to the start.

It was at that point that the mojo on my shoulder chided me.  "Really?!  That's the best you can do?  Speed than WALK?!?!"

Damn mojo on my shoulder
 So I took off again.  A little faster this time...and, when it came time to turn around - I slowed to a jog back to the start.

And then did it 2 more times.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one going back and forth on the path today.  There were these 3 ladies taking a leisurely stroll and spanning the path.  I had to veer around them 3 times.  Each time, they looked at me with amusement but didn't think to move to the side so I could pass.  Grrr.  Path Pet Peeve Numero Uno!

In the end - I did almost 4.5k much faster than I usually would.  Especially with the amount of walking I did after that first sprint.

AND - my endurance was better than when I sprinted the same stretch last week.    No walk breaks in the middle.  That's progress, people!

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