Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Missing. One Mojo

Last seen sometime around Spring.  Seeing my smile when it returns should be reward enough.

Ok - yes.  My running mojo is missing...and has been for a while now.  Surprise. Surprise.   I probably packed it in the giant storage box on my driveway along with a bunch of other stuff I am missing.  BUT - I am not content to just stand by and watch this absence suck the life out of me.  I need that sucker back and I need it back fast.

So, I'm getting back to basics.  I have a HUGE event to train for and I am doing it for an incredible cause.   I need to eject the drama from my life and focus on the prize.    In just over 4 months time, I will be running in DisneyWorld.  Running A LOT.  39.3 miles of Goofy and another 5k for good measure.   This means that not training is NOT an option.

I just need to start infusing that reality into the world around me in subtle ways.   Obviously, with my house being up for sale, I can't put up big posters of Goofy all over the place.   I decided to start small...and that got me thinking creatively.

I've been revamping my medal rack a bit (I'll post pics once it's all done) and I have an assortment of running decals that I am decorating it with.   I wanted to put Goofy on there but then Little Miss Negativity said "You can't put Goofy on there - you haven't RUN Goofy yet"

A valid point.

But I mentally bitch-slapped her back and said "Nope - but I am going to run I am putting the sticker on now to help me remember that"

And on went the sticker.

Now I am on the hunt for something else to do to surround myself with motivation.   It was on my quest that I found this great blog post about "Gearing Up"

The guy who wrote it has a great philosophy about playing the part to help you reach the point where you have actually played it.  Wear the shirt.  Be reminded.  Git 'er done.  I love that.

Whatever it takes.

Mojos can come in waves and I think mine has just recently crested and the undertow is messing with me.  I just need to take a deep breath and remember why I am running at this point in my life and I am sure I'll see the momentum gather until I am surfing atop the wave again!


  1. Cori, we are so in the same boat ight now! I'll try to motivate you if you try to motivate me?

    1. You've got yourself a deal...I had an idea this morning. I'm going to email you since I think it might help us both...


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