Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Workout Wednesday: 7 Things About Me- the Running Edition

Sophia at The Mama Runs tagged me in this little meme and I figured "why not!?!" :)   So here's my 7 things about me - the running edition.  Since I've seen this going around, I don't think I'll be tagging anyone...but feel free to play along if you have a blog and want in on the action...

1) I rarely (RARELY) run with music.  I did it during my solo marathon training and race, but otherwise I don't.  This harkens back to my TNT days where I had just finished couch to 5k and found it freeing to just run and chat with other ladies.  One day, I left the iPod at home by accident on a solo weekday run and didn't miss it.  Plus - living in a teeny town with no sidewalks...running earbud free just makes safety sense.

2) My daughter, Buggie, is destined to become a runner.  When we went shoe shopping last weekend, she only wanted running shoes and won't stop pestering me to take her for a run with me.   I'll likely take her out on my 30 min run tomorrow since I can't run fast or far right now due to knee issues.   It will likely be the highlight of her week (well, until she sees her grandparents this weekend)

3) I'm not going to lie - a big part of the reason why I want to move back into the city is because of running.  I really want to run where blackbirds don't attack (or exist).  I really want to have the ability to run hills (Langdon has none) and to vary my routes more. I want to have easy access to sidewalks and safe routes.   I'd love the option to take a weeknight clinic or to meet up with my runner girls for a weeknight run.  I want to be able to ride my bike to meet up for my long runs instead of driving a half hour each way to get to them.  It's not the only reason we have to move, but the running thing is a biggie!

4) Running is the only time I can get certain voices to shut off in my head.   If something (or someone) is nagging me in my mind - I just tie on my shoes and head out the door and the voice usually can't run fast enough to keep up.

5) I'm a little Garmin geek (betcha couldn't tell that).  I never run without it.  Ok - never say never...but the times I forgot it (running across Golden Gate Bridge and Santa Shuffle 2011) I have been kicking myself over ever since.   Don't even talk to me about the time it dies halfway into a run in Cancun...

6) I won't buy pink running shoes.   Once, I was so desperate for new shoes, but the only pair in my size and model were pink.  I had a major internal struggle trying to convince myself that 400k in a pair of pink kicks would be ok.  In the end - I just couldn't do it.  With my severe allergy to pink, I can't imagine how bad the rash on my feet would have been...

7) I bought a toaster especially for destination races where I can't rent a condo and am forced to stay in a hotel.   Just a cheap 2 slice one, but after eating an untoasted bagel before Nike Women's, I vowed I would never do it again.  And now I don't have to.  You laugh now, but when I am saving so much money on breakfast in Florida this January - I'll have the last laugh...

And there you have it...a little bit of insight to me as a runner (and apparently how obsessed I've become about a sport)


  1. Cori, you are a GENIUS! I would have never thought to bring a toaster for my bagels! San Diego breakfast bagels were awful last year due to the lack of toasting. I'm totally stealing this idea and bringing a small toaster to Florida.

    1. You can always use mine :) Since we'll be at the same hotel...I'm totally open to sharing the wealth with Team Alberta!

    2. Deal!! That sounds great! :) Thanks Cori!

  2. Love this Cori! I am soooo with you on #4 (hence my post yesterday). Are you really going to pack your toaster all the way down to Florida??

    1. I totally am! Choking down an untoasted bagel at 330 am is one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten. I don't plan to bring much with me to florida, but the toaster is very much in the suitcase!


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