Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking it off

Ok - now that I am back on the wagon again, I am going to try really hard to supplement my running with other workouts.  With my bike packed in the storage unit on the driveway until the house sells, I decided tonight would be a walk on my treadmill.

  • I cannot seem to get through a workout on the 'mill without accidentally yanking the magnet safety thingamabob.  and deleting the workout to that point :(
  • Walking on the 'mill does not irritate my IT band.  At all.    In fact - it really loosened up my ankle.  #win
  • Throlo socks are not for me.  I rubbed blisters onto the back of both of my heels.  Those should be fun for my race on Saturday.  I think the Thorlos I have (a gift) are just too low cut for me.  I like my Fox River triathlon socks because they come up higher on my ankle.
  • my workout room TV is dead.  I am hoping it is just an operator issue and that when hubby comes home, he'll discover a loose cable that I didn't find.  Here's hoping.   It came close to derailing me but I persevered and watched an episode of Friends on my Macbook instead 
  • If my daughters sense I am trying to get a workout in, they will inevitably dissolve into hysterics until I stop the 'mill, accidentally yank the magnet and come running snuggle for 2 mins.  Mad props to the single moms out there who do get their workouts in.  I don't know how you do it and I am always so appreciative of my hubby when he is here so I can sneak away...

So, that is 3.5k done in around 30 mins. This was the last half of the workout:

Next time, I'm taping that magnet thing in place!  The data whore in me hates not having all my numbers...maybe I should just buy the foot pod for my Garmin...

Now off to bed with me.  I've been having trouble catching up on my sleep since Edmonton.  Not that I am going to go right to sleep anyway...the latest Terry Brooks Shannara book came out yesterday...

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