Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) Picked up my race package today for the MEC Summer Classic 10k on Saturday.  While I was there, I figured I should pick up some more of my favourite socks..and then I hit the clearance rack...and scored a couple of deals!
 They had more Skirt Sports stuff on clearance as well and part of me wishes I'd nabbed some more pieces, but I didn't really want to blow the bank today and needed to hurry back to work. Honestly - it was  better deals than were at the Edmonton Marathon Expo last weekend.   I love MEC!  Can't wait for the race this weekend!

2) Being back on the wagon is going really well so far.  I've been diligent about recording everything I eat again and am shutting off the munch drive at 7pm every night.  So far, the scale is saying I've shed 3lbs...I love the first week of a "diet" for that reason.  I know it won't last, but I'll enjoy the rewards while they are coming.  More importantly, I am focusing on being smarter and getting my workouts in.


3) I was on Daily Mile this afternoon to respond to comments and made a funny Treadmill walk last night was at a faster pace than my 5k run outside was the night before.  Funny, but sad.   In other news - I do think those treadmill walks are going to be here to stay.   I loved watching Friends while getting my workout in.   It's all about getting back to what works for me...

Are you doing the MEC race this weekend?   Have you scored any awesome deals lately?  Do you have any special tricks for staying on track?  Share in the comments!


  1. I must have JUST missed you at MEC....I am bib number 127 :) Hopefully see you on Saturday!

    1. I'll keep an eye out for you. If our paces were going to be remotely close, I'd say lets run it together...but I am aiming for 1:04 or :05 and I think you are faster than me...


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