Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) I am about to have a crazy few weeks of racing...doing almost half of my 13 planned races for 2012 over the next 7 weeks!

Aug 18 - Edmonton Marathon 5k
Aug 25 - MEC Summer Classic 10k
Sept 8 - Run for water 10K
Sept 9 - Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k
Sept 16 - Run at the Ranch 5k
Sept 29 - Harvest Half

and the medal whore in me is singing...because she will get 5 medals for those 6 races!   I may have a problem.

But I am VERY excited to be racing again!  Despite being registered in 13 races this year - I haven't actually really been racing at all!  I don't think I've raced since Calgary 10k, which is strange for me and has been a huge void in my life!  I can't wait to feel that start line energy again this Saturday night in Edmonton!  I'm not sure I'll come in under 30 mins (it is supposed to be VERY hot that day), but I am certainly going to try.


2) My house hasn't sold yet. 

The first people to look at it made us an offer but it was insultingly low.  Like - less than our mortgage low.   I'm sure the second people to look will make us a much more reasonable one ;)


3)  I am trying to climb back on the eating and exercising wagon again, after spending the month of July falling off of it.  It's slow going and I can't seem to get my grip, but I will.  I just need my willpower fortified a bit.  I'm working on it. I may be heading back to My Fitness Pal to track my calories again.

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