Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Nothing about Something

1)  I am very excited for the weekend to get here.  My former TNT mentor (and good friend), Kim, is coming to town for her Calgary baby shower.  I just miss that girl too much and text messages are not the same as having her here.

Plus, then I'll be able to get a better sense on what she's having...since she refuses to find out...and I can help prepare her for the arrival of her little Scorpio-Dragon girl (because, y'know, it takes one to really understand what they are like ;) )


2) I'm glad I did my little Mojo rant yesterday. (and the day before...and the day before that).  Misery loves company and I think a couple of bloggers can help each other out of the slump with a little shake up.  Looking forward to embarking on some adventures in running with Nikki from Slow is the New Fast starting next week :)


3)  I was feeling anxious and antsy all morning so decided to just get away from the office at lunch..and I did a 4k walk in about 38 mins.   Totally needed it and it gave me a chance to stretch afterwards, which might help me for my run this evening.   It also gave me a chance to think through some goals for September so I am now really looking forward to September getting goals update will go up Saturday morning so you can check them out!


Wow - I am being very vague today, am I not?   Guess that's just the kind of mood I am in this week. 

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