Saturday, August 4, 2012

These short long runs...

...are going to be the death of me.  Oh - perhaps a bit melodramatic.  But I am really aching for a long long run.   Soon, I know I'll be regretting having stated that...

So, today, I ran a quick 5k loop around town.  Nothing much to write home about, but as long as I kept it to around 7:10/k, my knees were fairly pain free.   I can't get into my chiropractor for another week because he is away on vacation, but I am looking forward to the adjustment that just makes it all better.  Last week at the garage sale, I sat down and my knee cracked weirdly.  That was the start of all of this and I am hoping it will be just as easy to fix.

In other news, today's run did this to my total mileage of all time:

Garmin Geekery:

Shows I was at least consistent today...

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  1. I want a garmin so badly. Right now I just carry my phone and use the endomondo app. I have always thought I needed music to listen to as well while I run, but the few times I ran without music (on my dirt road) I LOVED it!

    So the garmin is on my wish list. :)

    Great pace by the way!



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