Thursday, August 23, 2012

Running Along an Old Friend

Now that the blackbirds have flown the coop, I can go back to some of my favourite routes in Langdon.  So tonight, I headed out to run the path and then through the field and up railway ave.  My intention was to do an out and back, but the bugs were a little thick in the grasses so I came back up centre street and looped back to the path again.  It was nice.

Funny thing about that elevation chart - I started my Garmin at the top of my stairs and now I know that my verandah is officially the highest point in Langdon. LOL.

I pulled out a new pair of runners for this one to see if it made a difference on my knee and ankle.  And I immediately noticed how worn my old pair is...the cushion in them is almost gone compared to the new pair.  Guess it's time to retire them...

The blisters from last night were sore but not unbearable.  If I take tomorrow night off and rest, they will probably be healed by Saturday. 


  1. How many kms did you have on your last pair of Asics and did you change something to cause the blisters?

    1. They only had 317kms on them...normally I make it much closer to 400. But I am retiring them. My feet feel much better today for having switched.

      As for the blisters - that was because I couldn't find my fox river socks and wore a pair of low cut thorlos with my Karhus on the treadmill...I didn't even feel them form until the end. I should have known better - I'm going to cull through my socks this weekend and get rid of anything remotely low cut...I have NEVER gotten a blister running or hiking in my Fox River triathlon socks.

  2. When I first started running and had used the Asics Nimbus, I got 368km out of them and then a knee started feeling achy. They don't seem to last long.


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