Saturday, August 25, 2012

Race Report: MEC Summer Classic 10k

Today was the MEC Summer Classic 10k.  While I was looking forward to it, I knew the instant I woke up that my heart was not there.   I was up late at Global Fest last night and then the carrying of my toddler and a heavy backpack had left me stiff and sore and longing for extra minutes in bed.

But I decided to go anyway - I needed to have the mileage so might as well do it surrounded by people.

I only wish I had done little things like laying my clothes out the night before and packing my backpack...but I ended up dressed and out the door anyway so I guess that's a win.

I didn't want my blisters to bug me on the run...and I knew bandaids just wouldn't cut it so I improvised...I cut some pieces of gauze and then strapped it to my heel with a piece of KT Tape. PERFECT!  It held the gauze securely, had enough give to move with each stride and prevented any rubbing.  I didn't feel the blisters at all!!!

I really only knew of one person who would be running this race - I was super happy when I saw her in the parking lot right away.

Leigh is much swifter than I am so I knew I'd be running it goal for the day?  Just git 'er done...

So we lined up together at the start and listened to the pre-race speech by the MEC people.   And then we were off...

The thing I like best about these MEC races is how low-key they are.  Old school timing and nobody takes it too seriously.  They are really and truly fun...and for $15 they can't be beat.

This time, the race headed out from Edworthy toward Shouldice, under the bridge and then up the hill to Bowmont park.   There were some nasty uphills and glorious downhills.   At around the 5k turnaround, my IT band tightened up and I had to stop to was then that I saw Tina pass me.  I thought I had seen her earlier, but thought that was impossible because she had just run a marathon last weekend - surely she wasn't in a 10k this week! So, I ran to catch up...

and it was definitely her...and I was happy to see her because it meant I had someone to run and chat with.

As we came into the finish line - JS was waiting to cheer me in!  Yay for Runner Girls!

Here Tina and I are, at the finish line:

I finished in around 1:07.  The time they recorded should be posted in the next day or so.

Am I happy with that time?  Not really, but without my heart in it - I knew I couldn't expect much better.  I was hoping for 1:04.   At least I didn't cramp and my knee and ankle were a-ok throughout.  The IT band would have been if I would just learn to stretch regularly...I think it's time I incorporate more stretching into my week.  

The Garmin Geekery:

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  1. So glad to have run into you in the parking lot. It's always nice to see a familiar face :) My lesson from yesterday....TRAIN!


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