Saturday, August 25, 2012

Post-Race 5k Walk

After the race, JS and I added another 5k to my mileage via walking...with coffee

The idea was that we were going to walk from Edworthy to Tri-It to do some shopping and then walk back with any scores we made.

It was so good to spend time with a Runner Girl again.  I have spent so much of this summer ailing with aches and alone because house prep has kept me closer to home for my 5k "long runs"'s taken a toll on me both mentally and emotionally.   I really love having a sounding board every week and have missed coffee and running and chatting so very very much.  

She helped me think about a few things in a different light.  I need to shake up my training because I am starting to lose my passion for running. My sanity depends on the running so I can't stop.  No other workout gives me that release.  So something has to change.  I'm hoping that the move back to the city will help it.   I just need our house to sell - and soon.

Anyway - long story short - Tri-it ended up being closed so we walked back. 

The 5K took us 54 minutes.  This is all at 10 and 11 min kilometres.  It made me think very long and hard about my 5k times.   Why does it take me 32 mins to RUN a 5k, yet I can walk it, slowly with a coffee, in 54?  it doesn't make sense.  Something about the 5k distance is eluding me and I need to figure that out.  It's got to be more than my over-comfort with the 5k distance.   My "5k is a Tuesday" mentality. 

JS mentioned that, no matter how much I loathe it, I need speed training.  That it will make a big difference.  That it will make my long runs feel more effortless and shake things up.  I think she is right.  Langdon doesn't have a track, but I have a pathway.  I think I am going to go out and mark out a 400m section of it tomorrow.   I'll need to do it in a non-obtrusive way...but once it's marked, I can use it until winter to do some speed work.   One of my weekday workouts needs to become repeats.

Operation: Get My Passion Back is soon to be underway.   Wish me luck.


  1. I've been sensing this in your posts lately-you know i've felt the same way before i got pregnant. So getting pregnant is your answer! Ha!

    Kidding...anyway with my new plan for getting into shape i exciting to fall in love running again-i'm sure you will too!

  2. Speed training is not so much fun while doing it, but so, so worth it! I started doing my speed training on the treadmill, but outside is so much better! I found a pretty flat section of path, set my Garmin for a warm up, x number of 400m's and then a cool down. Once I knew how far the 400m was, I would run 200 there and then 200 back. My Garmin would beep when I was about 25m from the end.


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