Friday, August 3, 2012

Goals - Looking back at July and ahead to August

Freshly Squeezed July Goals
  • Continue the major household purge - to be completed by July 28  - COMPLETE! and our fundraiser garage sale was a total success!!!
  • Wean off coffee by mid-month - DONE!  Though I admit, I still enjoy the occasional latte - my day is not ruined by headaches as a result of coffee addiction
  • Host a cheer crew at the Stampede Road Race this weekend (email me if you're interested in joining) - Done!  Leigh and I had a blast cheering everyone on!
  • Start training for Goofy - starts today!  Running 3 days per week. - Started!  Though I have been plagued with knee issues this past week :(
  • Stop snacking after 7pm - must install a Fattie Zone sign across my pantry door after dinner. - did fairly well for most of the month, but the last week I was attacked by the snacky monster...
  • Batch cook to make sticking to Canada Food Guide easier - um, I'd prefer to not talk about it.
  • Strength train at least 2 days a week - I actually didn't do much strength training at home, but me and the Coffee Break Workout Crew managed to stick to the arm workout from Shrinking Jeans all month and VOILA I actually have some definition now!
  • Potty train Doodle - this is my goal for my vacation week later in the month (unless she wakes up potty trained before then) - vacation week potty training was foiled by 4 days of low grade fevers.   Will be trying again really soon.
Now for some August goals
  • Potty train Doodle
  • Take the Family Camping at least once
  • Bring my fundraising to over $2500 by the end of the month (totally do-able - I'm already at around $1600)
  • Get knee issue under control
  • Stick to training plan as best as I can
  • Try to keep my eating in check.
  • Run Edmonton 5k and, if my knee allows it, get my sub 30min PB
  • Run MEC Summer Classic 10k
  • Sell my house

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