Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bye bye Birdies

In my attempt to climb back up on the wagon, I had a day of setbacks...food wise.   But at least I got out for my run tonight.

I also had a really odd occurrence...I woke up looking about 4 months pregnant.  I'm definitely not 4 months pregnant (or any moths pregnant, for that matter.  EVER again).  It was quite an uncomfortable day.   So, with the discomfort in mind, I nearly skipped my run.  But then I said to myself:

"Self - you've gotta suck it up cupcake and just get out there and do it.  you're in training after all and the people with the cancer you are running to beat don't get to decide to take a day off of chemo when they don't want it"

So, on went the shoes and out the door me and my garmin went.

I started cramping immediately.  So I took it pretty easy.  Ran til I cramped. Walked till it eased.  Lather Rinse Repeat.

Unfortunately, my whole body hated me - tender ankle, naggy knee, tight IT Band. 

But as a silver lining on the run, I realized that the lack of red winged blackbirds I've seen lately means I can run on the path near my house again...and that means an extra 0.5k on my loop.  Yay!  It also means that I don't need to run on the sloped edge of the road anymore for at least part of my run...which may be what's causing some of the issues I have right now.   I can't wait until i can run on sidewalks and paths always...(c'mon house...sell)

I arrived back home at 4.95k so looped my driveway until it beeped for 5k...

So here it is.  5k done in 43 mins.

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