Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Goofy Little Bushwhack - Week 6

Ok - I am a wee with late with this one.  House selling has added a level of insanity to our lives so the schedule is off...
Training Update:

Not a bad week.  I found a cool break from the heat wave one evening and went to knock off an awesome 4.5k!  Then , on my long run, I did 13k, even if my heart didn't come with me - complete with bushwhacking!

I can't wait for the heatwave that has been the summer of 2012 to end.   Cooler fall days are sure to bring a bit more consistency to my workouts...and the blackbirds seem to be abandoning ship early this year so I may be able to head for the country roads again soon to bring some variety to my life!  Doing the same Langdon loop has been incredibly boring.

They also announced the medal for the Donald Duck Half!  Eeeee!  This little medal whore is in love!

Fundraising Update:

My active fundraising has been pretty lax the last couple of weeks, but slow and steady finishes the race! 

Fundraising in Action:
  • Magazine Fundraiser - Ongoing.
    Total raised for the team to date: $250
    This fundraiser will keep going until the end of January, so you will have plenty of time to treat your loved ones to gift subscriptions over the holidays
Upcoming Events:
  • TBA - make sure you head over to http://www.rungoofy.com and "Like" us to stay informed about any fundraiser events we are putting on!
My Personal Fundraisers:
  • Bottle Drive - ongoing
    Let me know if you have any bottles you would like to donate.  If you're in the Calgary area, I will happily pick them up from you :)  If you are out of town, you can always pledge your own bottle money to my fundraising
    Raised so far: $5
  • Bookmarks of Hope - ongoing
    I am selling handmade beaded bookmarks (made by me).  These elastic bookmarks will ensure you never lose your page again and work on both traditional paper books and with eReader cases.   $5 each.  There are pictures of the available styles on the Facebook page. I do sell them at my work and, starting next week, these will be available at Naughty Nelly on Northmount Drive and 40th Ave NW.  I will post other locations as I secure them.  I will also be creating several new designs shortly as I have just picked up more supplies.
    Raised so far in August: $10
  • Looking for Corporate Donors 
    If you own a company and would like to make a donation of $1500 or more, Team in Training will print your logo on the back of our race shirts for this season!  I will also happily post your logo on my Team in Training page for the whole world to see.  Don't have a logo but still want to take part?  I am a graphic designer and am happy to see if I can come up with something for you as an added perk to the program! Email me for details if you're interested!
  • Workout Challenge
    For every workout I complete, I pledged to put $2 in a jar.  If I skip a run on my training plan and don't make it up the same week - it's gonna cost me $5.
    Raised so far: $16

Now for a Donor Incentive!
This week, for every $5 you donate, you will win one entry for this great prize:

A Filzer UFO Light

Alert vehicles to your presence or help keep track of your dog at night. The UFO light is designed specifically for runners, hikers and dogs. The light easily attaches to 1" webbing, dog collars, clothing, etc… with a small carabineer. Five red LEDs put out highly visible red light in three modes - steady, flash and rotate. Its waterproof design makes it ideal for any weather.

Functions & Features
- 5 bright red LEDs
- Designed specifically for runners, hikers and dogs
- Alert vehicles and help keep track of dogs at night
- Attaches to 1" webbing, dog collars, clothing, etc...
- 3 modes: rotate, flash and steady
- Waterproof
- Includes a mini-carabineer
- Replaceable CR2032 lithium batteries (80+ hours
In steady mode)
I will mail the prize anywhere so don't let geographical restrictions hold you back.  If you donate just $5, you might still win.  Every dollar counts and every dollar supports TNT and the important work of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

A note to the winners of all of the past weeks - your prizes are in the mail (I know many of you already received them).  Thank you for your support and i hope you will enjoy your prizes!

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