Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workout Wednesday: The Great Juice Cleanse of 2012

Ok - so I need a kick start.  My diet motivation has been flagging, my snack drive has been in overdrive and my weight has started to creep upwards again.  Not good.  Not helping is the heat we've had here lately that has had me only wanting to sit in front of a fan every evening.

So it is time to do something about it.My girlfriends at work and I were talking about it and we decided that since we all have so much fun keeping each other on track with our daily "coffee break workouts" - why not band together with a little group willpower and do a 3-day cleanse together.  We are each interpreting it slightly differently, but for me I am doing a juice cleanse.

Before I go any further - I want to make it very clear that I am NOT an expert in this area - just embarking on a new adventure to kick start myself.   I know many people will object to the fact that I am doing a cleanse at all - but this is about making it work for me and this feels RIGHT right now.   I need to take a step back and reset my own body a bit.  I need to step away from the junk for a few days so I will want it less - like always when I cut out the crap for a few days.   When I am done, my goal is to stick more closely to my Canada Food Guide eating and get healthier.  I need that because the downward spiral I am in is getting out of control.

So, here is how I am doing it.

1) Drink 2 cups of juice for my "meals", 3 times per day.  I stocked my fridge with Bolthouse Farms juices and fruit smoothies since I don't have the time/inclination to re-acquire my juicer and do it myself.
2) drink 2-4 litres of water per day
3) If I am feeling particularly "off" or REALLY need to "chew", I will have a piece of fruit
4) Walking for exercise each evening with my family (shh - I haven't told them this yet)

Keeping it simple.  

I have no clue how this will pan out in the end, so I will chronicle my journey at the end of each day.  Stay tuned.

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