Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Right now, the weather is PERFECT in Calgary.  All week.  If it was like this year round, I think I could be very happy.

Now, to totally contradict that...I really wish it would rain in Langdon for around an hour every day at 5am.   Not a drop since I overseeded the lawn last Saturday - despite it being in the forecast.  At this rate, the damn birds are going to have loads of time to eat all of my grass seed.


2. I'm super proud of my crafty fundraiser idea - I just had to share.

They are HOPE Bookmarks.   They fit most book sizes and all e-reader cases.   I have mine on my Kobo case and it is so pretty.  For people who prefer paper books - you'll never lose your place again - especially if your kids are prone to pulling your bookmarks out like mine are.

$5 each.  I am still making them, so there will be several different designs when I am done. All money to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada...and I am willing to ship for an extra $2.  I'll be posting more photos at as the different designs become available.


3. My kid had a supersonic tantrum this morning - her worst ever - and I think only a run will clear my head properly of it.  I hate that I now need to wait until tonight to get it off my shoulders. 

Oh and the spark of the tantrum?  It started because we turned a corner and she couldn't see hot air balloons anymore.  And it was still going when we dropped daddy off at his office then shifted to not being able to say bye to daddy.   The next half hour was her screaming "Go back, mommy!  Bye daddy! Bye daddy!"   In the vehicle.  It's like being trapped in a tin can with someone raking their nails down a chalkboard.  

I love my spirited child.  I love my spirited child. I love my spirited child. (if I keep repeating it, it will get better, right?)

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