Friday, July 20, 2012

The Great Juice Cleanse of 2012 - Day Three

And just like that, it is over.   The Great Juice Cleanse of 2012 was a great success, as far as I can tell.

I did notice myself being a bit snappish and obsessive today.  Case in point - that post about needing help to find a book.  Pure obsession to the point where I think i may have actually found it.   I also may have started to go off a bit on my coworker gals, but I had forewarned them that it might happen so they understood and neatly exited the building to escape me.  (Thanks guys - you rock)

Today I "ate"...

Breakfast: 2.5 cups Berry Boost, 1 cup black tea
Lunch: 1.5 cups Berry Boost
Snack: Banana around 4pm because I felt dizzy
Dinner: 1 cup apple juice and an omelette

Water: 5L
Exercise: coffee break arm workout, walking to and from parking lot (approx 1.5k)

I decided to break my fast at dinner - not because I was hungry or particularly needing to chew.  I decided that it would be best if I started to get some food into me because Saturday is a run day.  Even though it is only 5k on the schedule - I would rather deal with any tummy issues overnight than mid-run.

Now, for what you really want to know - the weight loss...

Starting Weight: 170.5
End Weight: 165.5
Total Loss: 5lbs

I had read that I could expect anywhere from 5-13lbs loss over the 3 days.   Looks like that was about right. Perhaps some of the weight loss will stick with me once I am eating full time again. I don't expect that to last and the weight loss isn't the reason I did this. I do intend to parlay this fast into a kickstart to eating healthy.   I have stocked the house with healthy foods and will be focusing on lighter meals that follow the food guide.

Maybe I'm strange, but I am the only one of the three of us who started this who ended up finishing.  The others had side effects too strong to ignore.  I'm not sure how I am different, but I didn't really have any side effects until late today when I was dizzy.  

Sure - a juice cleanse might not be best for everyone and I am certainly no expert in the matter...but I feel good right now and think it was a good way for me to reboot my own hard drive.  I feel really committed right now to continuing to eat healthy and stay on track.

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