Monday, July 9, 2012

MOMday: Top 5 ways to Help Your Toddler Survive the Heat

Trying to keep my heat-cranky kids calm and happy has been a challenge this past week, as the temperatures started to soar.   I figured I'd share my top 5 keep cool strategies. 

Necessary Summer Supplies:
  • Sunscreen
  • Spill-proof water bottles - to keep them hydrated
  • Water
  • Available shade - we have a pop-up shelter that gives them a reprieve
  • Hats
  • Swimsuits - we prefer swim shirts and swim diapers - easy to prevent sunburnt shoulders and super easy to get them out of for potty time

5.  Mr. Freezies
Honestly, I had kept these things out of my kids hands up until this summer when the dayhome introduced them.  And, despite the sugar - they are a thousand times less messy than popsicles and easily portioned into a smaller size with a pair of scissors.  If you look for the more juice-based ones, you may be able to keep the sugar in check, but I found mine didn't turn completely evil exposed to the more sugary ones so it makes #5 on my list.  They went from complaining about the hot hot sun to enjoying life again with one of these in their hands.

The only reason this one is so low on the list is because there are inevitably grass clippings on our lawn.  But for keep-it-cool factor, it's hard to beat the ol sprinkler.  And there are so many options for sprinkler types nowadays...back when I was a kid the options were pretty limited.  My girlies got a sprinkler for their birthday that is a giant colourful beachball that sprays water! How fun is that?  I also saw a neighbourhood kid who had one that shot a rocket up into the air as he splashed around in it.

3. Foamy squirt shooters
Waterfight.  'Nuff said.  And it's pretty easy to train them to squirt your feet to keep you cool too ;)

2. Kiddie pool

Imagine a bathtub they never have to get out of (well, except to re-apply sunscreen).  Buggie would sit in our pool for hours.  Filling cups and pouring water and holding a ball under the water to see how far it would pop up when she let go.   Alternately, both girls love to sit in chairs around the edge and splash their feet in the water - especially when I join in (hey - momma's gotta beat the heat too!) 

1. Water table
Best. Investment. Ever.   Oh wait - we got ours for free from my inlaws...but still.  I'd buy one in a heartbeat if we hadn't.  cups and shovels make this a super easy toy that keeps them occupied for hours and let meread nearby without too much worry that they are going to drown...


  1. I remember Mr Freezies! I can't believe you can still get them!!

    1. Yep - still available - though HUGE now. I remember them being much smaller when I was a kid...

  2. Great ideas, I'm going to buy a kiddie pool pronto!

    1. Sooooo worth it. I swear, Buggie would stay in ours all day even if it wasn't hot out!


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