Monday, July 30, 2012

MOMday: Major Changes

Things are nutty around here these days.   So, if my posting seems erratic - that is definitely the reason.  We are getting our house ready to sell and it has been insane to say the least.  Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can be back to being my usual bloggy self :)

In the meantime, I have been trying to get ready for this move while managing Doodle (my "spirited" child) who is BIG TIME resistant.   When I staged the playroom, she got mad and told me I did it wrong and then moved everything back to where it "should" be.  When I packed the shelves in her room - she wailed about her puppy puppets being gone (despite having not played with them in at least 6 months).   When I painted the twins room during their nap, she came running in upon waking and was visibly disappointed that it wasn't purple (the colour she has chosen for her big girl solo room in the new house).

The best I can do right now is reassure her that it is exciting and that she will love the move once it is over.   In the meantime, she really likes running around in the shipping crate storage unit we have on the driveway.  That's always a plus.

Buggie, on the other hand, is just plain excited.   I think she's just thrilled that moving means an end to the toddler bed and getting her own big bed. 

and, yes,  I DO do too much.  I am that woman.

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  1. We had a POD last time we moved and loved it! Good luck selling your house. Our twins just moved up to a modified bunk bed from Ikea. I looooove it. The bottom bed is on the ground, and the top has a full surround and is only a few feet off the ground.


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