Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Look back at June (And some new goals for July)

What a shitshow June was!  Here's how badly I sucked at my June goals:

  •     Follow Canada Food Guide as closely as I can - Boo.  Nope.  My eating was exceptionally bad this month.  I am attributing to stress, but ultimately it was really laziness.
  •     Regularly grocery shop so fridge is always stocked properly - tried.  But failed.
  •     Pre-prep my meals so I can grab and go with healthy options - Managed to do this for a couple of weeks.
  •     Try one new vegetable each week - don't think so.  I am in a rut.

  • K-100 Relay on June 23rd - Goal? Have fun - done!  ran 30K that day instead of the planned 19.  Started out hating it, but ended up having fun.  WIN! 
  • Officially sign up for the Goofy Challenge with TNT - DONE! 
  • Run on Tues/Thurs/Sat - Did better than I expected.  managed to run on Tuesday OR Thursday each week.  Always on Saturday!  WIN!
  • Strength on Mon/Wed/Fri - Rip:60, it's time to come out and play - had no motivation to do RIP:60.  About mid-month revised it to just strength and did a video instead.   Modifying is better than missing entirely!  Also, for strength, My coworkers and I did 2 Shrinking Jeans workouts each day.  In the morning we would do the 6 Pack March and in the afternoon, we revisited Kick Ass April.  So I snuck in some strength wherever I could.
  • Use the Another Mother Runner June Challenge as planning inspiration - Worked for planning, but I didn't do the scheduled workouts most days.
  • Workout Pledge - for each met workout - I gave myself $5 to buy something fun.  For each missed workout - I donated $5 to my TNT fundraising.  This didn't really work for motivating me.  I set aside enough $5 to cover the month so I knew the money was there no matter what. My workout challenge netted $65 toward my fundraising!  So - even though it symbolizes a whole lot of missed workouts - it still has the benefit of helping beat Blood Cancers!

  • Take my kids on outings on Sundays - Yes.  Not every Sunday, but most. 
  • Try to incorporate more solo outings with each girlie - Did one solo outing with Buggie.  
  • Get both kiddos potty-trained (Buggie is there during the day...Doodle still won't try) - Status Quo.  Doodle just has no interest in training.

  • At least one book finished each week - I actually think I met this one!  WIN!

  • Take one day off this month to write - umm, <shifts eyes away>

Here's my calendar.  I didn't meet the 5 workouts a week for the AMR challenge, but I did workout in some way most days. 

Unfortunately, June saw me gain 4 lbs. :(  I really need to get strict with myself and get back on track.

Fresh, New Goals for July

  • Continue the major household purge - to be completed by July 28
  • Wean off coffee by mid-month
  • Host a cheer crew at the Stampede Road Race this weekend (email me if you're interested in joining)
  • Start training for Goofy - starts today!  Running 3 days per week.
  • Stop snacking after 7pm - must install a Fattie Zone sign across my pantry door after dinner.
  • Batch cook to make sticking to Canada Food Guide easier
  • Strength train at least 2 days a week
  • Potty train Doodle - this is my goal for my vacation week later in the month (unless she wakes up potty trained before then)

So let's get this party started!  July has great potential...


  1. This reminds me, I need to catch up and do my June recap and July goals. I'm pretty sure I didn't meet most of mine! Oops! Can I get a copy of your Fatty Zone sign? Ha ha.

    1. I'm actually going to make some yellow tape. I can totally send you some! Just email me your addy and it'll be on it's way tonight :) LOL

  2. I love your last sentence. You can do it! great goals and great attitude.


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