Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Run Tour of Langdon

Week one on the Galloway Goofy Training plan called for 5k.  Since that is ridiculously short, I figured it wasn't worth driving onto the city for...I just toddled around town instead.  I headed out around mid-morning and the temperature was already skyrocketing.  So hot.

Anyway - I decided I'd give y'all a tour of my little hamlet.  I didn't take many pictures early on, but here is what a run in Langdon is like...

About 2k from my house, there are the middle of town...

This guy is usually friendly but he was grumpy with me today because I didn't have a treat for him.  I seriously can't run past him without coming over to pet his nose...

No sidewalks and the houses on the other side of town have no gutters - just drainage ditches.  Some people build bridges over them

Ah - secret little running path between crescents was super handy for me today..

AHA!  Another runner (in the green shirt ahead of me)  

He's still ahead of me, though I think he momentarily got distracted by the lady doing yardwork in a hot pink bikini (just behind that black truck)...

Back to my side of town again - there are sidewalks...but they sometimes end suddenly.

From here, I can see my house, but I am still a half a km from home because I need to run around the acreage that wouldn't sell their land to the developers...

In the homestretch...that long fence is the back of the acreage.

And at last - the 5k is done and my home is right in front of me (the middle house) :)  I can finally stop dying in the heat.

5k "long run" done!

LOOK!  The ponytail isn't as awkward almost looks like a real ponytail!

The Garmin Geekery:

You can see I stopped a lot to take pictures...

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my little town... :)

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