Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kickoff to Goofy!

Let the adventure truly begin. Today marks the start of my training for the Goofy Challenge with Team in Training.  

The Plan: I am following the training plan by Jeff Galloway that Run Disney has on their website.  It is pretty gentle for an event like this, but since I have no other goals but to finish upright and smiling...and injury free - I liked the simplicity of it.  Also, as a working mom, I needed to have a plan that allowed me to still have a family life outside of training.   Two weekday runs plus my weekend long run and then, in late September, every third weekend also has a long walk to ready myself for back to back races.  

So, tonight I went for my first run since the K-100.  For Langdon being so friggin' flat - I'd have sworn I was on a constant and steady uphill.  I battled cramps for 2k and then knee issues for another 1.5k.   On a 4.5k run, it meant I spent exactly one km not hating the fact that I went for a run tonight.

Not the strongest start...but at least I started.   It will get better.  It always does.

Now, if only I could find my ANT+ stick.  I know I had it at Kananaskis last weekend...but can't seem to find it at home :(   Daily Mile peeps - I guess that means I won't be uploading until it magically appears...


  1. Good job getting started! If you need a new stick let me know, I have a spare that I can send with the headband!

    1. Oh and I forgot to say: 1 run down, 6 more months to go!

    2. Yep - only 80 or so more runs/walks to go :)


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