Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot Air on a Cool Morning

Today called for another 5K "Long" Run.   I figured I'd get it over with before it got too hot out and the temperature was just about perfect.  I had woken up with a huge headache so still wasn't feeling great by the time I hit the road, but I am so glad I didn't bail (like I did on all of my other runs this week - Bad Cori...but I really needed to let my ankle heal)

It is Langdon Days out here this weekend so I wasn't sure what kind of sights the beer gardens last night would produce in the wee hours of Sunday...

Seen on my run...
  • 1 woman doing the walk of shame home
  • 4 hot air balloons
  • 400 beer can empties
  • 1 sketchy dude taking an unbelievably long whizz between parked cars.
Pretty eventful for 5k in a teeny town.

Now for some pics:

Thought I'd show you our little "downtown" out is all new but modeled to look like downtown Langdon did in 1908.

And in the last few steps of my run, I encountered this, blocking the sidewalk.  Who DOES this?  Grrr.

The Garmin Geekery - and yes - I was very slow today.


  1. Where are the walk of shame and extremely-long-whiz pictures? Hee hee.

    1. I wanted to take them, but both looked like they might already be suffering enough without my shaming them to the entire internet and my huge international following :P


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