Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Reads: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Seems fitting that I should review a mystery on Friday the 13th...

The last few Sookie Stackhouse books have been pretty disappointing.  Boring and predictable story lines have had me more focused on my yawning than on any of the action on the page.

I'm happy to say that Deadlocked didn't have that effect on me.  Maybe now that Harris is looking to end the series next year, she has decided to put the effort into the stories again.Whatever it is, I'll take it.  I'd like to see this series go out on a high note. Sure, much of the story still felt like I was being dragged along while Sookie ran errands, but that just seems to be the modus operandi of these books - the reader MUST live out the minutiae of Sookie's life even though it holds no bearing on the rest of the story.  But - it's not bad overall.

In this book, the story continues - Sookie, Claude and Dermot are still roomies after Niall closed the two fae out of Faerie.   The mystery is sparked at a party at Eric’s house. Sookie gets a call to come later than she was initially told and arrives just in time to find Eric indulging in a snack from a strange woman. Even worse, the woman's blood was laced with fairy blood so Eric has become completely intoxicated and Sookie's temper flares over the emotional slap that her boyfriend would indulge in a stranger when he knew she was on her way and would have let him drink from her. Then things go really awry when the woman is suddenly found dead on Eric's front lawn! Someone is trying to frame Eric for murder and to discredit him in Sookie's eyes.

In Deadlocked, I must say that Harris has returned to the same magic that first entranced me in her earlier novels in this series.   I thought I had it all figured out at several points only to be thwarted by an unexpected twist.  When the mystery was finally solved, I hadn't completely seen it coming like I have in her recent books.  And the ultimate twist at the end makes me really look forward to the conclusion of the series next year.

If you've been disenchanted by her recent Sookie novels - give her one more chance with this one.  It will never qualify as great literature, but for a trash summer read - it can't be beat.

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