Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dodging the Storm

As I was eating dinner tonight, I was watching the sky get darker and darker.  It looked downright ominous.   As we were cleaning up, I said to hubby "Do you think I can beat the storm?"   He said "I think you'll be getting wet - but go now if you're gonna go"

So out the door I went.

The neighbours were all outside watching the clouds and making predictions about the end of the world.  One of them warned me that I shouldn't go far...

I headed on my way, following my usual 4.5k route.   My knee was really achy (I think I'd better schedule a chiro appt if its still bugging me Saturday).   And as I ran, I saw the clouds move to the east.   The wind gusted and pushed me around until I hit the southbound road.  

Then it went away.  And I started to roast in my Luon.   It was disgustingly hot.  "shoulda-brought-my-hydration-belt" hot.   But I slowed my pace and plodded on.   When I hit Centre Street, the wind picked up again and stayed with me as long as I travelled north.   In the last km, I was ready to be done so just pushed it on home.

And the clouds were pushed well east and out of Langdon entirely.

How did I know I'd stay dry?   Well, I overseeded the lawn, so I'm sure we won't be seeing rain in Langdon for a month now. :P

Dying (and apparently rather scary with my crazy eyes)

Buh-bye stormie. 

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