Saturday, July 14, 2012

Discovery Run

Since JS couldn't make it for the run today and my distance was only 6.5k...I decided to stay close to home and just figure out a route that would get me there without taking any blackbird zones.

And to avoid the heat, I decided on Thursday that I was going to run that run on Sunday instead to make up mileage.  At 7:30am, this was what it looked like


Much nicer running weather than the 28C I ran in on Wednesday.  Though, near the end, the humidity still made it uncomfortable.  I was wishing for the rain in that forecast!

Anyway - I made a couple of discoveries about my little town on this run.

The first discovery I made on this run is that Google maps lies.  It told me there was a ROAD at one point when really there was a pathway leading to a road.  Not a bit deal for a runner...But kind of a big deal if a CAR was relying on it...

The next discovery was actually a mystery cleared up for me.  I've wondered for years why on the east side of town there is this wide swath of vacant lots with driveways.  It was like the developer just couldn't sell the lots - that aligned across a street and 2 crescents.  On my usual routes, there are no signs explaining it...but today, taking a different route - I found a sign.  Ah.  Vacant lot recreation areas.  So odd.  Only in Langdon.

(FYI - I've never seen anyone using them for recreation. Probably because the sign clearly states no paintballs)

The vacant lots span 4 fields...

My only goal for this run was to come in under 50 mins...and I did.  Took it easy.  Had no naggy pains.  Generally enjoyed the peace that is running in the morning.  How I have missed that.

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