Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheer Crew: Stampede Road Race 2012

I was up and at 'em early this morning to get myself into the city by 8.   It ended up being just me and Leigh from All You Need Is Love  and Michelle from Fine Fettle Frets came by when her volunteer shift ended...but we were willing to share our enthusiasm and our cowbells with anyone who wanted to shake a bell at a runner :) 

I was surprised at the lack of people along this stretch of the route this year.  In past years, it has been filled with children getting high-5s!

But, it was the ideal place to spectate.  The 5k people passed us twice, the 10k people passed 3 times and the half marathoners came by once when they were in the homestretch.

I figured I'd share some pics from the day.

JS was in a footrace with a coworker (she won...of course)

The fighter jet that flew over us a couple of times near the start of the race


My coworkers, Lynn and Leann

Me and Leigh

Yay for pompoms

JS coming back at the 8k(ish) mark of the 10k

Leigh and her maraca-pompom

My TNT buddies Lorraine and Fay (Fay came in 2nd in her age division)

Yes - this guy DID run the half shirtless in Jeggings and a cowboy hat.  #brave

Really unfortunate shot of Heather...I was a bit quick on the shutter...

The race marshall who helped us cheer

One of our signs (since I totally forgot to take pics of the others)

Me and my pompoms

Me and Michelle

It was so great to finally meet Leigh and Michelle.  I've been bloggy/twitter friends with them for so long - it was really nice to finally make those friendships be real-life!


  1. It was great to finally meet you too! It was a lot of fun and thank you for sharing your noise makers with me :)

    1. Anytime :) I'm sure I'll be doing more of these cheer crew things - next time with music ;)

  2. Ps- I "borrowed" some of your pictures :)

  3. You, your cowbells & your enthusiasm were were much appreciated today! Oh, and that guy totally rocked the jeggings & cowboy hat LOL!

    1. He certainly looked like he was living the dream LOL


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