Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Glitzbandz Review and Giveaway

As you all know, I am always on the search for pretty headbands to hold my awkward hair out of the way while I work out.   I have come to really like the non slip ribbon headbands and so was thrilled when Glitzbandz recently sent me one of their headbands to try out.  

They have so many different patterns and colours of glitter that it makes it hard to choose just one!  Since I already had a ton of sparkly ones, I decided to go with a print and that's when I saw it...the lovely houndstooth and snapped it right up ...I am simply mad about houndstooth these days (what's not to love?)

The band is made of printed ribbon with a backing of velvet (to make it non-slip) and elastic at the back so it will adjust for different size heads.  They do offer a couple of different sizes to allow you to customize fit for your own noggin.  They also offer various thicknesses so you can decide if you want a thin (3/4"), medium (7/8") or thick (1.5") headband depending on which ribbon you choose.

I went with the "standard" 20" size and found it fit my head well enough.  I did find it to be a bit on the snug side, but MAN, was that sucker secure.   It didn't move a bit unless I wanted it to.  I did find that it was much more secure toward my hairline than if I pushed it a little further back - which meant some of my shorter hairs around my face ended up looking a bit bedraggled in the wind.  If I pushed it back even slightly, it did feel like it was slipping back a bit, but it never slipped off my head. 

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but the big way that I judge a headband is in whether or not it gives me a headache.   Some headbands are just bad for this and so it always makes my criteria list.  The verdict - nope.  No headache!

All in all, though, I did like the headband and will likely order more from them since they have so many super cute designs!   At $10 each - they are really reasonably priced and the selection is unmatched.  Emily at Glitzbandz is always on the hunt for new ribbon designs so the selection is always growing!

Now, it's about time for another giveaway...and this one's a good one!  Glitzbandz has generously offered to send one of my readers their choice of headband!   I am going to attempt Rafflecopter again and  you will be able to earn multiple entries if you:

Good for a one time entry per option:

1) Like the Glitzbandz Facebook page - leave a comment that I sent you and tell them what your favorite headband is = Good for one entry
2) Sign up for the Glitzbandz e-mail list  = Good for one entry
3) Follow ME on Twitter (@khourianya) = Good for one entry 

And you can earn one entry per day by simply tweeting about the giveaway!
4) Tweet about the Giveaway = Good for one entry per day 

Glitzbandz sent me one free headband for review purposes, but any opinions in the review are my own.

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