Sunday, June 17, 2012

Will Run for Pastries...

Saturday was the last long run before K100 (for me) and RnR Seattle (for JS).  We had 10k on the plan...but more importantly - we had La Boulangerie on the plan as well...

So, I parked at her place and we headed out for the Elbow River pathways.  There was so much construction along Elbow Drive so we hightailed it to a quieter residential area.   As far as we could tell - 5k would take us to Sandy Beach and then we would turn around.

So the run was pretty uneventful.  It was overcast and spit rain on us for most of the run, though it wasn't unpleasant.  

Just before we got back to Elbow Drive, there was this couple walking down the street.  Both were dressed entirely in beige, with wide brimmed hats and a beige and black umbrella.  They seemed to just float along in perfect harmony.  It was like something weird out of a of course I had to take a picture.  Unfortunately - there was no good opportunity in the residential, but the suspension bridge worked well...

And, because I apparently AM that creepy...we followed them a little further...look closely at his feet.  Those are matching beige New Balance runners...

All creepiness aside, it was at this point where we realized that we were only 1k from buttery croissant we flew to the finish and hooked ourselves up with something to replace all those lost calories.

Since our run had only ended up being 9.3k - we counted the 1k walk back to JS's place as the remainder of our 10k.

Another scene from the last leg of the "run"

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  1. Great final run and the calorie replacement - yummmy


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