Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) I'm thinking of shutting down the Facebook page for my site. (as "serious" bloggers everywhere gasp in dismay).  Honestly, I don't think many people are accessing the blog that way (at least my stats aren't reflecting it if they are) and not being able to automate posts so the links will send to the page as soon as I post something new has meant that the page is almost always a few days behind. 

If there are tons of serious objections to this - I'll keep it up, but if no one honestly cares - I think I'll be shutting it down.

2) Today I am playing hooky from work (legal hooky - I did pre-arrange it) and am spending the day with Buggie.  It's going to be a very special day for her.  You see, on her third birthday last week, she decided that she was suddenly potty trained and we never looked back!   Her potty chart has filled right up with stickers and she has earned something special.

So, here's the agenda for "Buggie's Special Day Out with Momma"
  • Go out for "coffee" at Starbucks
  • Visit momma's office so she can see where I go every day (this will be a short visit - I did take the day off, after all)
  • Visit a garden centre - buy a pretty flower pot, soil and some bedding plants so we can make a "garden" (She's really into gardens right now)
  • Go out for a nice lunch (no fast food here)
  • Go to the library to read toddler books together and snuggle (the kill-a-day equivalent of a nap hopefully)
  • After that - who knows.  Maybe we'll go to a park.  Or maybe we'll go for a c-train ride.  Something cheap and toddler friendly for sure.  
Doesn't that sound like a fabulous day for a three year old?  I am keeping details a surprise from her, but I am hoping she'll love it as much as I've loved planning it! (I'm now working on planning something similar for Doodle when she is ready for potty training too)

3) I think I am unusually excited about the fact that when I start my TNT fundraising (later this month), people can donate directly using PayPal!   I accepted PayPal donations last time, but I was always the middle man and it ended causing hurdles when I had to prove to PayPal that I was actually legitimately fundraising and I still lost part of each donation to PayPal fees so I ended up making up those fees from my own pocket.  I am over the moon about having it added as a payment option on the donation site!  It will also make it easier for me to transfer over any money collected from some of the online fundraisers I have planned :)

In other news - my little fitness challenge is going well so far.  I am staying on track fairly well - though I did slip one night and $5 was moved to the TNT "jar".  I'm sure by the end of the month - there will be many more donation dollars earned...but I think I will still be able to get myself a "reward" too... :)  Win Win!


  1. I keep FB separate from my blog - only for personal friends. I don't think it is as good as other social media for blogs and business. Twitter is much more useful in that respect.

    Have a fab day :)

    1. I feel the same way. I had read a compelling article about why it is important to be represented on Facebook that convinced me to set it up as an experiment...but I am not seeing it as being worth the work. I'll probably close it down within the week.

  2. I like the Buggie Day idea. I would like to do this with my little guys each one day. I vote for the C-Train, my kids love that stuff! And maybe when I crap out on my workouts I'll donate to your TNT jar too! ha ha.

    1. Buggie and I LOVED her special day. I am going to post about it on Monday :)

      As of today - TNT has all of the money for the month - 3 workouts done, 3 workouts fundraising is going awesome and it hasn't even officially started yet! lol. I have a couple other people who are doing the challenge too for my fundraising so you're welcome to join us :)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful day today. I always just have donations made directly to my fundraising sites - then I don't have to deal with it. :)


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