Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Pre K100 edition

Oops - accidently published this on if you think you already saw it, you aren't going crazy...just got a little trigger happy, I guess!

1)  I am still trying to decide which tank to wear this weekend...I just like them both so much....

I'm leaning toward the skirtsports one (on the right) mainly because of the pocket in the boobs...I probably shouldn't have bought two tanks.  That would have eliminated the conundrum...

Eeee...the Kananaskis 100 is 2 days away!!!!!


2) My Goofy team is off to a roaring start with our fundraising.   When it comes to raising large amounts of money, I am a firm believer in micro-philanthropy...the idea that small donations can add up in a big way.

Right now, we have two fantastic fundraisers going on:

For those in Calgary, Cowboys has generously donated 150 tickets to the Hedley concert in the Cowboys Stampede Tent on Sunday,July 8th.  We are selling them for $30 each (this is a $20-30 savings off what Cowboys is charging for the same tickets) - and ALL of the money goes toward our fundraising efforts.  Email me if you are interested!

For anywhere in Canada, we are selling Magazine subscriptions!  Who doesn't love getting mail (hint: Runner's World, Running Times and Canadian Running are amongst the offerings) 37% of each subscription goes toward our fundraising and there is something for everyone in there!  This fundraiser will be ongoing until January 13th so there is plenty of time to take part - especially if you are looking for a neat stocking stuffer of birthday present this year!  You can even renew your existing subscriptions!

We will have many other ways for people to support us a few dollars at a time and, rest assured, I'll keep you posted!  Or, you can find out first but visiting our Facebook page and giving us a "Like"

 3) I'm still planning to have a cheer crew at the Stampede Road Race in a few weeks time.  I have only had a couple of people say they wanted to join me so far so wanted to post it again to drum up a few more cheerleaders!   If you'd like to have a fun morning of cheering a great race - this promises to be a blast!  Please email me if you're in!

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  1. I was actually planning on cheering for a friend that is running the 5k, so I will be there! Let me know the details :)


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