Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Epiphany Version

1) 166 Breakthrough

Ok - for the past 2.5 years, I have been focusing on 150 as my "goal weight".  Truthfully - I've actually been focusing on 148.   Both are within a healthy range for my 5'9" small framed body...but I have spent so much time focused on those numbers that I was constantly living in a state of disappointment that I wasn't arriving there already.

But then, earlier this week, I was in the shower and a random thought passed through my head.  The thought nearly knocked me over. It was:

"I'm ok with 166"

I KNOW!  it blows the mind.  and is only 1.5lbs lighter than I currently am.   I know my current body is far from where I want it to be, but freeing myself from 150 has been really liberating.  It takes the focus away from the scale and allows me to accept that cardio hasn't gotten me to 150, but maybe I can reach a goal size and still be 166 and ok with it.   It opens my mind to strength training and building muscle where my cardio-obsessed brain would only tell me that muscle weighs more and will take you longer to reach 150.

Maybe one day I will be at 150 (or the size I imagine comes with 150), but I'm ok with 166 and I'm just going to roll with it.

(I just wanted to share my epiphany - it is a major breakthrough for this girl who has spent her life riddled with disordered eating.  This mental leap is a huge hurdle for me to have cleared)

Also - to add to this - I think I may try doing my strength training before work.  It will mean getting up at 3:30, 3 days a week, but i think I'll be less likely to put it off if I just get it over with.  It's another epiphany for me as I looked at my calendar and saw all of the days I owe to TNT in my workout donation challenge were strength days.

2) Goofy Registration is SOON!!!

As of June 25th, I should be able to officially sign up for Goofy!!! Two more weeks!  This is doubly exciting in that we just has a team meeting on Sunday to discuss group fundraisers and now I am super gung-ho to get started raising money!  I will be posting a number of upcoming fundraisers on my Team in Training Page!  I will have all kinds of different and fun ways that you can support our team on that page.   It's going to be AWESOME!!!

Our team has a Facebook page, in case you want to follow us:

3) Tank Frustration

So my Firedaughter tank arrived this week.

And doesn't fit  :(   I am so disappointed since I had so carefully collaborated with the seller on Etsy and was POSITIVE it would fit perfectly.  That means the hunt is on for a tank for K-100.  And I have only a week to find and test something out.  Fun times.  It might be for the best, though, since I have been leaning toward wearing my turquoise sparkle skirt instead of the I can shop for something turquoise to match :)

I'm leaning toward this one at MEC:

Did you know I have a giveaway happening right now on my blog?  Click here to enter my Glitzbandz giveaway!   It closes June 19 at 11:59pm!

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