Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This was SUPPOSED to be easy!

You know how some runs are so effortless that you feel like you're flying along the road.   How your feet carry themselves and you end the run feeling exhilarated?

Ya - today was NOT that kind of run.

My legs felt like cement.   I ended up running solo since I got the text from my Tuesday run buddy too late.  I think my shoes were lined in cement.  And the damn blackbirds are out in force again. 

I got swooped on the western pathway so I will now be hanging out on MapMyRun to figure out a street-based 5k and 6k loop in town.  I really friggin' hate red winged blackbirds!

Luckily, I only got rained on for 5 minutes of the run.

Otherwise - 5k is done.  And I never regret going for a run.  My brain needed this one tonight.

and this last pic is a good example of why I won't be shaving my head as part of my TNT fundraising.  I am a total egghead!


  1. I got chased by a horsefly today! Completely irritating. I guess I need to start running with a flyswatter! :)


  2. I'm sure my running trainers are often lined with cement :( It's odd how my ballet shoes never are though... Must be something to do with my enjoyment levels! Good work on still completing the 5k :)


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