Monday, June 25, 2012

Results: K-100 Relay

A note about timing for this race: this was not chip timed.   They had a vehicle a mile from each finish chute where someone announced which runners were coming.  Then, at the finish, they recorded the clock time for each runner as they came through.  There were forced starts on every leg.  The runner of the previous leg still had to finish their leg.   Since from leg 4 onward our team was on forced starts (usually our runner was at the 1 mile point when they did the forced start), I think the times are longer because we had 10-12 mins extra before our runners were coming into the finish chutes.  

But we weren't in it to win it.  We were in it to finish it.  And finish it we did.

Our team finished in 13th/last place in the women's open division.  I think we were 2nd last overall (from those who finished).

Finish time: 17:03:27

It looks like 7 people finished after me in Leg 1.  So at least I wasn't last...

Here was my team finish times for each leg (the names are off, because of substitutions):


  1. Congrats! I'm still inspired by your team, given all of the challenges that you all faced on the weekend!

  2. Thanks. It's an inspiring and beautiful race...but no one ever said it'd be an easy one :)


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