Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Registration Crazy

Ok - apparently I am in the mood to register today.

It's official - I am doing the Edmonton Marathon 5K!!!  Yay!

I am super excited about the new medals this year...it will be my first spinner!

And then, I found out about this brand new local race this morning - the Run at the Ranch at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park!   The half marathon looks like my personal hell with all those hills, but I am all over that mostly downhill 5k...PLUS, there's a medal!!! For all distances (5k, 10k and half)!!!!  I totally think you should all join me there!

I love registering for races almost as much as I love running them!  So excited to see my race calendar filling up!


  1. And are you all registered for Goofy too? 5k there too? :o)

    1. lol...Goofy registration should be next week :D As soon as the TNT registration goes through, I'll sign up for the 5k :)

  2. Catching up on reading my favourite blogs... Tempting to sign up for a race soon! Thanks for the ideas.


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