Sunday, June 24, 2012

Race Recap: Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay - Part Three

Scenes from a Support Crew

Alida was supporting Lucy along her leg, so Susan and I headed on to the start of leg 3 so she could check in.

I then supported Sue through her leg - probably drove her crazy I was taking so many pictures...

Me in the super sexy support vest

 The hand off - Lucy to Sue

Then it was Therese's turn to do leg 4

and then on to Alida on leg 5 - this was the toughest leg.  Straight uphill to Highwood Pass.  Originally, Sue and Alida planned to split it but then Sue got injured so Alida had to take it on herself...but both Sue and I were there to support her.  We each took turns running segments of the leg by her side.  I think I ran about 3 extra kms by her side on some uphill stretches..

At one point, we went ahead to see Shannon off on the forced start for leg 6...but on our way back, we made sure we had some cool Alida off with, of course...

Once Alida finished up - we carried on.   We supported Shannon along leg 6 and saw Shandell off on leg 7.   It was torrential downpouring again...

Our team was filled with rock stars!

Leg 8 is a tale all on it's own...and I''ll tell you about it tomorrow. be continued...

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