Sunday, June 24, 2012

Race Recap: Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay - Part Four

Leg Eight - the game changer

As with many of the K100 teams - it wouldn't be a complete experience if your team didn't have a little drama.   Ours came in the form of a runner dropping out the day before.   Therese stepped up immediately and offered to run a second leg to save us from scrambling for a 10th runner.

Therese had come off leg 4 and immediately moved in as a shuttle and support driver for legs 6 and 7.  She hadn't had a chance to stretch or eat.   Before she went to the start of leg 8, she wanted to make sure she had a backup in case she couldn't do it.  I said I was feeling good so could step in if she needed it - never expecting she actually might.  She's a superstar runner.  I don't think she even took a walk break on leg 4!

But by 5k, she was suffering with knee issues.  I had to prepare to take over.  Alida had left her gatorade in Sue's truck so I chugged that and a downed a gel.  I guzzled some water and suited up in my rain gear.  Of course - it was raining again.

It was tough to get to Therese to hand off, though.   The traffic through leg 8 was really slow and congested.  The forced starts for legs 9 and 10 were at the same time so everyone was trying to get there in time.   But by 7k, we had caught up to her and she was really struggling.  I hopped out and a quick picture was snapped...

Then I was off.  The idea was to just run fora bit to give Therese a break and then she'd take over close to the finish.

But I felt amazing out there.  So strong.  So fast.   I was having the time of my life!

By 4k - I said the leg was mine and I took the bib and went on to rock it!   The rain cleared up and I ditched the hat and jacket with Sue. At the one mile to the finish point, I got one last drink from Sue and told her to head to the finish to cheer me in.

Here I am, finishing super strong. 


This was the end of about 30k for me in a single day!!!

There's still be continued...

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