Sunday, June 24, 2012

Race Recap: Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay - Part One

Three hours of sleep might not have been the best way to start the day...especially considering what the day became.  But in the end - you get what you put into it and we gave it everything we had.

But to tell this story, I need to go back to Friday and start there...

I took the afternoon off so I could meet Sue, our team captain, and drive to Longview for the donor dinner that is put on by the Longview Fire Dept.  An accident on the Deerfoot meant a late start but were were on our way.  We stopped in Black Diamond to check into our hotel and meet 3 of the other ladies on the team...then we headed to the dinner.  When we pulled up to the Fire Hall - it was looking pretty empty at 6pm (when we thought the dinner started).  So we drove around town and found the start line

Then, after finding the race director and finding out the dinner was actually at 7 - we decided to head the bar for a snack first.   Mmmmm bar nachos.  The jalapenos were sooo good...though, in hindsight, probably not good "night before a race" food.

Five ladies walk into a bar and before long, the local cowboys start sniffing Stu - our team boyfriend.   He's a real catch if you're ever in Longview.   The only way we could shoo him away was to leave.

Then it was on to the fire hall again for dinner.   This dinner was for the people who donated over and above the lottery race fee to guarantee their entry.   The crowd seemed to be made up of a lot of volunteers as well.   The food was pretty picked over by the time we arrived.   Sue had inquired about vegetarian options for me, but it appears they thought she was referring to the post-race dinner because when I asked where the veggie option was - they laughed and told me to move along to the potato salad.  And then they added "this is LONGVIEW after all."

Look at this plate - I was never so happy to have carb-loaded at lunch.  Baked potato with sour cream, potato salad and caesar salad.   Oh - and after a couple of bites, I realized the baked potato tasted "off" because the sour cream had gone bad.  Bye bye appetite.  At least the rhubarb cobbler was good.

(The non-veg option was beef on a bun)

Time for some team pics - Alida and Therese:

and Sue and Lucy 
All of us:

After dinner - we headed back to the hotel to get settled...and then hammered out the driving schedule for race day - kinda.

At 11:30pm, we pretty much gave up and headed to bed.  I was worried about the 3.5 hours of sleep I was about to get and the 19k I was slated for, starting at 6am... be continued...

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  1. I didn't know you're vegetarian! Looking forward to reading the rest of the recaps!


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