Monday, June 18, 2012

MOMday: Celebrating Daddy

Yes, yes - I was the only blogger in the blogosphere who didn't do a Father's Day post on Father's Day.   Probably because we were too busy being out celebrating Father's Day...or maybe because I was too lazy to write one yesterday and my camera was taking too long to download.  

We had a pretty laid back day.  This was hubby's 4th Father's Day...and the first one he didn't spend with my Dad.   We decided to make it all about daddy and go for a photo walk so he could take some pretty pictures.   I'm sure his are much prettier than mine (shown here) my defence - I had to pull a wagon and snap pics whenever I could maneuver it one handed.

This was the first time we had ever gone to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  It was really pretty, though the poplar fluff was so thick you could choke on it.  Admission is free and the sanctuary is open 7 days a week during daylight hours.  There is an interpretive centre as well that is open from 10am - 4pm

Sooo much poplar fluff

Monarch Butterfly
I had been saving slightly broken point and shoot cameras since the girls were infants, so they could each have their own somewhat-working camera to take pictures with.  This was awesome, because then they could feel like they were taking pics with daddy too.   Needless to say - there are many many shots with fingers in front of them and Buggie inexplicably managed to switch it to video mode around the time she learned to move her fingers...

Funny story - we were about halfway around the loop of pathway when Buggie came running back to me , yelling that she needed to go potty.  With no potty anywhere in sight - I almost panicked.  Then I told her, she was gonna have to squat at the side of the path...she was such a trooper.  

Later, I noticed that Honest Toddler (who I am convinced is actually Buggie) posted this on Twitter:

 I replied that we weren't supposed to tweet about that kind of stuff...

We were just wandering along - trying to keep up with the girlies, when all of a sudden - hubby put his arm across the path to stop me.  Lurking in the bushes, about 2 feet away from us...was a new friend.

He was as curious about us as we were about him (the deer at Fish Creek park are the same way) and just stood there patiently as we snapped photos.  The girlies came running back to us and hubby tried to get them to go slow or stop so they wouldn't spook the deer.   Being a male, we were a bit worried on how he might react if agitated.  Luckily he took the commotion all in stride - you could tell he'd seen it all before.  We all watched him a little longer and then he slowly turned and sauntered back into the woods again.

When we were done, we headed back to the interpretive centre to check out the displays.

The only thing I learned there was that the only good red-winged blackbird, is a stuffed red-winged blackbird:

Afterwards, we went for dinner at Famosa in McKenzie Lake (meh - it was ok) and then we went for Ice Cream (THAT was awesome).
And then my girlies made me so proud to be their momma...

Happy Daddy's Day to the best daddy my girlies could ever hope to have!  You are an amazing role model and darn-right cool dad who inspires us all daily!  Love you Daddy!

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