Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workout Wednesday: BMO Vancouver - Lessons Learned and Random Thoughts

It's been 3 days since BMO Vancouver Half and now that I am home again, I've had some time to think about how things really went.
  • I have no doubt I would have made my goal of 2:15 had I not cramped.  My pace was really good throughout and I had built enough of a time bank for porta-potty stops.  This kills me but I am slowing becoming okay with how I had to adjust for circumstances.  I just really felt as though I had let the Girls Gone Glitter team down...
  • I still have no clue why I cramped. And such different cramping than I have ever had before - not a stitch in my side but drawn up short and doubled over cramping. In the end, it was 2 hours after I crossed the finish line before I no longer felt cramping.  It could have been any number of things...I had a migraine the night before the race and it could have been connected to that.  I didn't eat all of my dinner the night before (because I was feeling ill from the migraine).  The day was really hot - I wasn't dehydrated but I did feel hot.  One of the commenters on my recap post mentioned that she cramped really bad on a downhill course...this course was heavy with downhills.  Perhaps I needed that second gel.  Whatever it was - shit happens and I will probably research the hell out of it to prevent it in the future.
  • I am still finding it hilarious that my medal was wrong.
  • My quads are killing me!  Looking at stairs brings out a deep fear.  Attempting to walk down them makes me cry.  
  • Vancouver Airport is not a great place to kill time...not after you go through security.  Next to no restaurants or shops.  We ended up needing to kill several hours and it was so hard to make the time fly.  Totally could have prevented that with an earlier flight.  Lesson learned.
  • I LOVE my race shirt.  So nice.  Well done, Saucony.  I also loved that there was other commemorative clothing available.  So few races realize the importance.
  • BMO Vancouver is definitely in my top 3 for most beautiful race course.  San Francisco and Drumheller (the badlands portion) make up the others.  As far as expos go - it wins hands down for best Expo so far.   Nike was too claustrophobic and all of the others I've been too have been a bit sparse on the vendors. One day, I think I may want to run the full here.
  • I loved that there were official photographers after the finish to take shots of us with our medals.  Even in the craziness of the finish area - it was nice to know we'll have nice, smiley pics commemorating the achievement and the day.
  • After leaving the finish area, however, I was disappointed that the cross street was not closed.  So many runners were trying to get to the convention centre and Canada Place to meet up with family and friends...and the police were directing cars and buses in front of us.  I didn't look back to see how far the crowd ended up being backed up, but it was ridiculous.
  • The volunteers and spectators at the race were incredible.  Such great course support and they deserve a gigantic thank you for how they added to the spirit of the day! THANK YOU!!!!
My experiences with BMO Vancouver Marathon, both as Official Blogger and as Runner Girl in a Sparkly Skirt were incredible.  They were such a great organization to work with and they organize one heck of a race.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!  This weekend was incredibly memorable and I am so happy I could be a part of it all!

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  1. I LOVED this race. If you loved the half course I highly recommend the full! I will definitely be back to do it again!


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