Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vancouver Weather Watch - Saturday

It looks like we've come full circle again for a mainly sunny race day.   Now I'm wishing I'd had the thought to hunt down my sunglasses before I flew out :(

I'd planned to attend the Friendship Run this morning, but after working out the game plan last night - I think it is going to be a crazy time crunch to get back home to shower and then to the Blogger Q & A after.  I also really need to Skype with my babies this morning and don't think I'll have another chance today - I miss them like crazy and it's only been 24 hours!  I may have a short shakeout run close to "home" and will hopefully see y'all at the expo later!

Have a great run this morning to everyone who is planning to attend.

I WILL be at the expo for the Q & A between 1 and 2pm this afternoon.   To find us - just come through the main doors and turn right.  Follow the path around and you won't be able to miss the stage. 

And, as your daily reminder - the voting continues over at Circle of Moms for Top 25 Outdoorsy Mom blogs of 2012.  I am currently at #20.  You can vote once per day so I do hope you will keep voting!  Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

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