Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Gear Reviews

I've been trying out a few new things lately and haven't had a chance to Share my thoughts with you all goes...

iFitness Hydration Belt

I am loving this!   It is so comfortable to wear and doesn't need to be constantly adjusted like my old fuel belt did.  I have worn it in 3 races so have gotten a pretty good idea of how it works for me.

  • Waterproof pouch - the first couple of races, I still put my phone in a baggie because I didn't trust the neoprene...but for my recent half, I just popped the phone into the pocket and it started perfectly dry!  Amazing! Makes me wish I had bought a regular belt at the expo too because my SpiBelt is NOT waterproof at all and I am already spoiled with this.  I have a feeling I'll be placing another order very soon.
  • Race bib attachment - As much as I love my lucky safety pins, I am in love with this little feature - just a couple of cords to slip through the top holes on your big and the little toggles keep it securely in place.  I was worried that wearing my bib so low would annoy me, but I don't even notice the bib at all!  Something I can say about safety pins!  Now, I may need to experiment racing without bringing the pins along and then I can wean myself of that superstition LOL.
  • Bottles - the belt comes with 2 - 6 or 8oz. bottles.  I bought 2 more 6 oz. add-on bottles.  Nice little customer service note - one of the original bottles was leaking so I talked to the rep at the Vancouver Expo and asked if they had replacement caps for purchase.  They didn't but he said it was very odd that my bottle should leak so it must be defective - and he gave me a whole new bottle to replace it!   The new bottle was perfect so I must have had a dud.  I like that I can run with 2 bottles most of the time and then add on one or two more if I think I'll be needing them.
  • Reflective points - this belt has a ton of reflective elements.  I have yet to wear it for a run in the dark, but I have a feeling I'll be pretty darn visible when I do.
  • Many different colour options - I went with basic black, but they have them with many different coloured zippers 
  • Gel loops - there are elastic loops on either side to hold gels (and they hold them VERY securely).  At the expo, I also discovered another use for the loop - lip balm holder.  LOVE IT!

I really do love this belt.  Because I am built kind of funny (super long lags, square hips, short-waisted) I can't wear it down on my hips, but once I let it sit where it wanted to (at my natural waist) it was like I wasn't even wearing a belt.  I didn't need to fight with it and it just stayed in place and didn't bounce at all. 

Compared with Fuel Belts, this belt is slightly cheaper.   It is easy to find coupon codes for free shipping (if you can't get to an expo where they sell them).  Mine arrived (from California) within 2 weeks.

Sparkly Soul Non Slip Headband

When I saw that Sparkly Soul was going to be at the BMO Vancouver Expo, I was so excited.   I needed a sparkly purple headband to go with my sparkle skirt and I intended to buy one of these :)

The bands are really nice in that the sparkle material is around the entire band.  No partial elastic.  The bad news, however, is that they don't stay in my hair.  I wore one after the race to hold my hair back and it kept slipping all day - and that was when i was only walking and sitting and with my curls to hold it in place!  I can't imagine it would stay in at all with my hair in piggies and running.

It also felt much tighter than I am used to with my NoodleHuggers from Etsy.   I am going to give it another try, but my initial thoughts are that I wasn't terribly impressed.  And for a $17 headband - I kind of expected to be pretty impressed.

CW-X 3/4 Stabilyx Compression Capris

I now have 2 pairs of these and am so in love with them!  I still call them my magic running pants!

The highlights:
  • High waist - really supports the core (and means I don't need to think about sucking in for every picture taken of me in them LOL)
  • Compression panels along IT band and around knees act almost like athletic taping to support these muscles
  • They make you feel like a superhero because they look so small when you hold them up, but after spending a few minutes pulling them on - they magically expand to fit you without making you look like a sausage.
  • Reflective accents so you are visible at night
  • Come in black or black with purple or teal stitching (I went with just black)
After all of the issues I had during training earlier this spring, I am so happy I went with 2 pairs of these.  I can see myself needing to pick up the full length tights before winter comes around again because I don't think I will want to be without the support this winter!

They are pretty expensive to buy locally, though.  I had a discount coupon for the Running Room when I bought my first pair, but I ordered my second pair out of a company in the US that an online friend had recommended. FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA!!! Again - pretty easy to find discount codes for these guys as well.


  1. Those headbands are super cute! Great find :)

    1. I just wish they worked as well as they looked. I've had better luck with NoodleHuggers :)

  2. I sooooo want to try those pants. Can you send along the place you bought them with free shipping...?


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