Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Exciting Week Edition

1) Thank you all so much for your words of support following my Goofy announcement yesterday. I went from being terrified about it almost 5 months ago to now being pretty excited about the prospect. (Yes - I have been keeping it a secret about that long)  I have posted my training calendar on the Run page of my blog in case any of you are curious what the training entails.  It is a slightly modified version of Jeff Galloway's Goofy training plan (I converted to kms and adjusted the dates from the 2011 plan).  The plan starts in July - 2 weeks after the K-100.

This may change after I see the TNT training plan - though the thing I really like about the Galloway plan is that it is family friendly.  Most weeks are 3 runs and every few weeks, you add a long walk.  I see this plan as being workable with a young family - I will be able to be present in my family life while I work my arse off to get ready.  I like that.

And, timely enough - the new course routes for the Walt Disney Marathon weekend have been announced this morning.  Just looking at them, I am getting so excited!

Goofy is only 61% full so far...there's still room for more if you want to join me ;)  I already know that Nikki from Slow is the New Fast is in...we could all train virtually together!

2) Things have come together rather suddenly for my daughters birthday party!  On Monday, we will fete the twinners with aunts and uncles and grandparents.  Helium balloons. Cupcakes. Music.  It's going to be awesome!  and they are SOOOO excited.  We almost decided against an actual birthday party, but now I am glad it is all coming together!   They won't actually TURN 3 until the 26th, but maybe the early start will get them thinking they are 3 and then they can just potty train already!!!!! (Can you tell I'm getting antsy?)

3) I have officially given up the BlackBerry.  Between the uncertainty of the company and my need for better apps - I have crossed over to Apple.  Effective - Yesterday.

My phone number is still the same, so you can still text me at that.  I am going to miss my BBM :(  But it is nice to have a phone that will work with me instead of constantly conspiring against me...

Oh - and new phone equals playtime - I had a few apps I really wanted, but I am curious about what your favourite apps are!  Please post them in the comments so I can keep playing :)  Thanks!


  1. Apps-wise, the things I use the most are my twitter feed (echofon), my blog reader (feeddler), eBay and amazon, and other boring stuff! Nothing life-changing, but I totally love my iPhone :) enjoy!

  2. Hmm, seeing that course video today just made me kind of scared! Ha ha. 42km is a loooooonnnnnnng way! Yikes!

  3. Firstly, congrats on committing to the Goofy. I think I might have to put it on my bucket list.

    Secondly, my current favourite game is Tiny Toots. Check it out, it's adorable.


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